How any writer can make more money :


You know how authors and info-product creators struggle to find ways to get more customers?

I solve this.

I do this by getting guaranteed major media citations for the writer (“as seen on CBS News, NBC, Fox, ABC”), instantly increasing their authority, getting them more perceived value, trust and interest from potential customers, and from potential sellers, promoters etc.



Imagine what your potential customers would feel when they see the words “as seen on CBS News, NBC, Fox, ABC”, and see those logos on your book, website, social-media etc.

Think how much of an increase in authority this will give you, how it will help differentiate you from your competitors and increase the chances of selling your book(s).

Imagine how much easier it will be for you to be featured on blogs, podcasts, even TV shows, all of which can multiply your sales, long-term.

For example, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, USA today, CNN News, Forbes magazine and many others say that LinkedIn is their #1 source for business content . . . and guess which author they are going to choose to contact about the subject of your book(s), someone with major media authority logos on their LinkedIn profile pic, or someone without?

  As Frank Kern (leading online marketing guru) says, being viewed as an authority is the single most important factor in increasing perceived value.
  Greig Wells used major media authority (“as seen on NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox”) to help him get to co-write “Dare to Succeed” with Jack Canfield, author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, speak for Tony Robbins Business Mastery, and lots more.

He says that once you get cited on major media “you become a quoted expert, and you’re perceived as a trusted authority.”


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BUT, I am sure you can imagine how difficult it would be to get these major media citations yourself, how challenging it would be to get interviewed on the big TV shows, and featured on the major news websites etc.

It’s the usual catch-22 . . . if you already have authority it’s much easier to get more, but if you don’t have it, it can be a huge challenge to get started. As usual, major media exposure leads to more major media exposure, the rich get richer etc.

Do you know where you’d begin if you wanted to be able to say that you’d been seen on NBC, or Fox etc.? Who would you contact? Would they accept your call? What do you think your chances would be?

No wonder that many marketing companies charge such high fees for major media citations . . .



. . . what if it was EASY . . . 

What it you could get guaranteed major media citations (that you could refer to forever), done for you, all for a very reasonable price ?

How much would that be worth to you?

I’m sure you know stories of authors who’ve only became best-sellers after they’ve been featured in the media . . . one example is . . . Robert Kiyosaki who wrote “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“, the series which has sold over 32 million copies after being endorsed by Oprah. He is a best-selling author, which, as he says in one of his books, doesn’t mean his books are written any better than yours, it means he has used the leverage of the media (etc.) to make them SELL more effectively.


Introducing . . .

The Author-Authority Major Media Package

. . . this package enables you to state “as seen on CBS News, NBC, Fox, ABC” forever, with their logos, on your book cover, website, social-media, business card etc.


How it works . . .

  1. click the payment button below,
  2. we’ll contact you within 48 hours asking for a description of your specialty, your website address, your photo (500×500 pixels), and a brief paragraph describing your book(s) and/or your expertise or experience etc. (up to 300 characters).
  3. once we’ve received those from you, we confirm that we’ve got what we need and we will go ahead and order the media package for you . . .
  4. you will receive the media package within 12 working days, emailed direct to you, including:

a) live links, screen-shots and archived links of your media citations (so you can prove them, forever),

b) your photo you sent us, with the 4 media logos added.


Legal Details for the Author-Authority Major Media Package: No guarantees of earnings are stated or implied here. The Author-Authority Major Media Package gets you cited on affiliate-sites of the relevant media companies, legally enabling you to say “as seen on CBS News, NBC, Fox, ABC”, and to use their logos (with the words “as seen on”) in your promotional material (if allowed by the relevant website owner for content on websites other than your own), forever. Although this can lead to more sales, we cannot guarantee that it will, so by clicking the buy button below, you agree NOT to hold us accountable for any consequences or lack of consequences from using (or mis-using) our service.

Click the button below to buy now, or if you have any questions, see the FAQ’s below (there is another buy button at the bottom of the page), or ask us . . . we will be happy to help if we can (email ).

Note that the price is currently reduced because we need testimonials for this new service, and will be going up once we get some.

  100% Money-back Guarantee : if we fail to get you cited on CBS News, NBC, Fox, ABC (within 30 days), we will refund your money in full.




(Frequently Asked Questions) :

Q: Once I’ve got the media citations, how does that help me sell my book(s)?

A: For details and examples on how best to use major media citations to increase your sales, please read our FREE guide “How to make the most effective use of major media citations to increase your book sales.” (click here).


Q: Does this only work in America?

A: No, since CBS News, NBC, Fox, and ABC are internationally recognized media authorities, getting citations with them will help you sell books or info-products in most countries in the world.


Q: Is this only relevant for online sales, what if I sell my book in bookshops?

A: The same media citations can usually be used on any printed material (depending on the published and/or seller), or mentioned when speaking to others in person, etc. so major media authority works well both online, and offline (such as in bookshops, and other methods of selling away from the internet).


Q: How much time should I spend on the paragraph describing my book(s), expertise or experience?

A: It it is not critical . . . the majority of the value of this package comes from enabling you to quote “as seen on CBS News, NBC, Fox, ABC”, with their logos, rather than the people seeing the paragraph you give us. Just do the best you can, or if you are not sure just write something to us or give us links to your website and we’ll write it for you and get your approval before using it.


Q: How long can I use these citations?

A: Forever. Once you get cited on the media, it remains true forever that you were seen on relevant websites, and we give you the 4 archived links which last forever too.


Q: Will the citations be on the media websites for my local area?

A: No. All that matters is that they appear on an affiliate site of the major media, which enables you to state “as seen on CBS News, NBC, Fox, ABC”, with the major media logos. Even if your book is about a specific local area, the citations still give you authority, worldwide.


Q: Will you give me commission if I refer a friend who buys your media citation service.

A: Yes. Contact us for more details before referring.




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